China’s Fine! Really!?… September Fools!

I have been receiving a steady stream of inquiries from global investors and financial journalists asking about my views on China.  As a result of this interest, John Wiley & Sons has graciously released an electronic copy of my chapter about the investment bubble in China.  Click HERE to get a complimentary copy of “Boombustology in Action: Is China Next?”  Although the chapter was published in early 2011, the underlying logic might shed light upon current dynamics within the country.

Please also note that I continue to post a weekly comment each Wednesday on my website, LinkedIn, and most other social media platforms (Click HERE for a list of my comments this year).  I also publish a newsletter every six weeks that includes a summary of this commentary.

Finally, I encourage you to forward this email to anyone who may enjoy reading about what is happening in China today. I’d welcome any and all feedback.


“Boombustology in Action: Is China Next?”