All Clear! Stability Spreading and Growth Accelerating

Anyone who’s been following my thoughts recently will immediately recognize my headline as an April Fool’s Day joke.  I am extremely concerned about the health of the global economy and see risks almost everywhere I look.

Last month I was invited to guest host CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe.  During the hour I was on air, I discussed my views on global economic conditions and how they might constrain the Fed as well as the precarious fate of Silicon Valley’s unicorns.  Click on the links below to see four short video excerpts.

Yale Academic Sees Bubbles Bursting Everywhere
Will Tech Unicorns Deliver on IPO Talk?
Rate Hikes Unlikely This Year
Mansharamani Says Data From China Is Biased

The world I see continues to be fragile, with widespread risks of both political and economic instability.  Interestingly, even the Fed is increasingly focused on global dynamics, as noted in Fed Chair Yellen’s speech earlier this week at the Economic Club of NYC.  As I’ve argued, I think the Fed is unlikely to raise rates much (if at all) this year.

In other news, my Yale seminar on business ethics continues to be fun and engaging.  Since my last newsletter, guests have included senior leaders from Peter Kiewit & Sons, former president of Doctors Without Borders Unni Karunakara, manufacturing innovator Kevin Czinger, and Yale’s legendary Chief Investment Officer David Swensen.  I feel really lucky to have such great students and guests who stimulate wonderful discussions.

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Best wishes for safe passage through today’s global political and economic cross-currents.

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