On the Brink…

I’ve had a busy six weeks since my last email, having given talks in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico so far this year.  While in Cayman, I spent about 45 minutes talking with Grant Williams, a friend from my investing days.  He’s now helping run Real Vision TV, an online portal for finance videos, and I did a taped interview with him that he converted into a “Think Piece” for the site.   CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO.

During the interview, I discussed a range of geopolitical and economic risks that I see emerging from the Chinese slowdown and the collapse of hard commodity and energy prices. These included the potential for a failed state in South Africa, a country with astronomically high unemployment; deepening recession in Canada; and domestic unrest in Saudi Arabia. With China, I explained why I foresaw an economic trough as its economy shifts from investment- to consumption-led growth.

Looking beyond today’s seemingly chaotic economic and political environment, I noted the risk of conflict in the Arctic and described my bullish outlook for animal protein.  I specifically noted the potential for a demand shock from a growing global middle class on all the elements of the protein production chain, from fertilizer to grain to meat. Closer to home, I also touched on how the global financial crisis affected the mindsets of college students.

Speaking of college students, the Yale seminar on business ethics I teach to undergraduates has gotten off to an exciting start this semester. Guests to date have included Mike Peel, former head of HR for General Mills; Matthew Winkler, former editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News; Jude Scott, CEO of Cayman Finance; and Claire Criscuolo, proprietor of Claire’s Corner Copia, the legendary New Haven restaurant that recently celebrated its 40th birthday.  It’s been a blast to teach this course and I feel privileged to have such great students and guests who stimulate wonderful discussions.

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Best wishes for safe passage through today’s global cross-currents.


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